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2008-01-08 11:47:02 by apple32

Hi everybody. well i started wow one thing i have to say. its not that addicting nbc only showed the worst cases. moar. moar. moar. moar. maor.



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2008-01-08 12:47:42

if i look closelly.. i see you only level 8. i assure youll quit.. cause your playin palladin.. and tbh i could kick yo' ass.

apple32 responds:

lvl 14 now


2008-01-25 16:38:33

Oh nice Warcraft game! What I ever do you do to you?


2008-01-26 14:19:50

Good luck on getting to Lvl30 in WC Ps: Apologize to me!

apple32 responds:

guy at top be right palidans suck ima lvl 23 mage